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Panasonic TV 2021: Every 4K OLED and LCD TV announced so far

This guide breaks down the Panasonic TV range for 2021, although at the moment that the only TV the Japanese giant has announced is its flagship JZ2000 OLED.

Panasonic scored our Best TV award in 2020 and will be looking to continue its high level of performance in 2021. We’ll be updating this page with all the info, details and prices for every TV Panasonic announce in the forthcoming months. For now, here’s what we know about the flagship telly, plus all the information about last year’s TVs, which are still available to purchase online.

What to expect from Panasonic TV in 2021

For the time being, Panasonic has only announced one TV – its JZ2000 flagship OLED for 2021. Headline features for it include the new HCX Pro AI processor, side-firing speakers, improved gaming features and an updated version of the My Home Screen interface.

Available sizes

The JZ2000 will be available in 55 and 65-inch sizes, and while no prices have been confirmed, we can expect them to be similar to the 2020 HZ range. Panasonic hasn’t revealed whether they’re looking at producing smaller OLED models, but considering how religiously they’ve stuck to 55- and 65-inch sizes we wouldn’t hold our breath on a smaller OLED.

HCX Pro AI processor, built-in Atmos speakers and adaptive HDR

With the new HCX Pro AI processor, a feature we expect to see on several other Panasonic TVs, it is able to identify the type of content you’re watching – movie, sports, music, news etc – and auto-optimise the picture and sound to produce the best performance without requiring the viewer to adjust the settings.

The Master HDR OLED Professional panel is the same as the one in the HZ2000, sporting high levels of peak and average brightness to produce a bright and punchy HDR performance. Stefan Sonnenfeld, the colourist behind films such as Wonder Woman 1984, has lent his help again to tune the colour profile of the flagship OLED.

The upfiring speakers worked so well on previous models are back, but in a new configuration. As well as speakers that fire towards the ceiling, the JZ2000 also has side-firing speakers to push the sound out towards the side. Tuned by the experts over at Technics, Panasonic claims that its 360° Soundscape Pro system is capable of delivering a Dolby Atmos experience “with a spatial soundstage and powerful bass”, reducing the need to pair this TV with a separate soundbar.

HDR support is comprehensive and extends to Dolby Vision (IQ), HDR10, HLG, HLG Photo and HDR10+, as well as a new format in HDR10+ Adaptive. HDR10+ Adaptive performs the same function as Dolby Vision IQ in adapting HDR content to suit the brightness levels in a room so you see all the detail and contrast possible. Filmmaker Mode is back to turn off processing when watching films, and will again work with Panasonic’s Intelligent Sensing feature to adjust the brightness of the image in accordance with ambient light levels. Like IQ HDR10+ Adaptive, the picture quality should be just as impactful regardless of whether you’re watching in a bright or dark room.

Game Mode Extreme and My Home Screen

Gaming has been an area where Panasonic lagged behind their competitors. The JZ2000 rectifies this with its Game Mode Extreme. The JZ2000 will have HDMI 2.1 features in VRR and HFR, and a low latency performance of 14.4ms. We’re waiting on word as to whether Panasonic will support the HGiG HDR gaming format.

We’re now up to version 6.0 of Panasonic’s My Home Screen interface. New features include ‘my Scenery’ that offers a selection of restful images and videos, while the interface has been improved for quicker access to settings. Also new for 2021 is the Dual Bluetooth Connection, so two headphones can be connected to the TV for private listening. Panasonic hasn’t specified which voice assistants the TV will have, but it will boast built-in support for the ‘major’ voice assistants.

As the spec for the JZ2000 is still in development there will be changes as the TV approaches its release date, so expect confirmation of details at a later date (most likely in March).

Here’s information about Panasonic’s 2020 TVs, which are still on sale.

Panasonic TV 2020 — OLED


  • TX-65HZ2000
  • TX-55HZ2000

The HZ2000 is the ultimate home cinema TV. Its Pro Edition OLED panel delivers fabulously filmic images, while its Dolby Atmos, Technics-tuned, sound system is so good you won’t need to purchase a soundbar to go with this TV. It’s not a set suited to gamers, but home cinema aficionados will absolutely love this one-stop TV. Because of the reasons listed, it won our Best TV of 2020 award.


While this Panasonic is expensive compared to its closest competition, the HZ1500 is capable of some remarkably accomplished images from any source and with an audio performance that’s better realised than most other TVs. It’s another fabulous five-star effort from the brand.


  • TX-65HZ1000
  • TX-55HZ1000

The HZ1000 delivers fantastic images from any source. The multi-HDR support is a boon for home cinema aficionados and while it’s missing the integrated up-firing drivers seen on Panasonic’s premium OLEDs, the sound performance is better than expected. There aren’t many concessions made for next-gen consoles though, and it is more expensive than the competition. As good as the sound quality, it’s worth pairing this model with a soundbar for extra oomph.


The newest addition to Panasonic’s 2020 OLED range. While at first glance it is remarkably similar to the HZ1000, Panasonic’s most affordable OLED for 2020 drops the HZ1000’s swivel stand, as well as a simplified version of the Smooth Motion Drive Pro called Smooth Motion Drive.

Panasonic TV 2020 — 4K LCD LED


The 75-inch model in this series receives an 100Hz panel. The rest of the range gets most of the goodies from the OLED TVs, including the HCX Pro Intelligent Processor which controls motion, clarity and contrast, plus Local Dimming Intelligent Pro for better backlight control. There are no models in the 50 to 60-inch sizes, with the 43-inch model exclusive to John Lewis.

Panasonic HX800


  • TX-65HX800B
  • TX-58HX800B
  • TX-50HX800B
  • TX-40HX800B

With the HX800 Panasonic has struck gold yet again with its mid-range offering, with a picture performance best described as cinematic, fine smarts and a good gaming performance. The HX820 is effectively the same set but with the some silver flourishes and exclusivity to John Lewis. Regardless.


  • TX-65HX700B
  • TX-55HX700B
  • TX-50HX700B
  • TX-43HX700B

Panasonic’s HX700 looks to do something different with its smart features. It’s left out its My Home Screen 5.0 and opted for Android. Choosing Android means this set comes with built-in Google Assistant, Chromecast and apps via the Google Play Store, which we’d assume brings with it access to Disney+. Otherwise, the set also supports Dolby Vision + Atmos


  • TX-55HX600B
  • TX-50HX600B
  • TX-43HX600B

You don’t get My Home Screen 5 with this model (you still get smart features and access to catch-up TV apps). What you do get is Dolby Vision HDR, Dolby Atmos passthrough and Freeview Play.


With the HX585 you get Dolby Vision support, smart apps and Freeview Play. The entire range is exclusive to John Lewis stores.


  • TX-65HX580B
  • TX-55HX580B
  • TX-50HX580B
  • TX-43HX580B

The HX580 is the cheapest model in Panasonic’s 4K TV range for 2020, and it is effectively the same as the HX585 model above, except it’s not exclusive to John Lewis and doesn’t have a silver trim to its screen.