Panasonic & Sumitomo Teaming for OLED TVs in 2010

40in and bigger panels coming.

It seems that Panasonic thinks its promise of 40in OLED TVs by 2011 isn’t quite good enough. That deadline has been brought forward a year, according to Nikkei, with Panasonic partnering with Sumitomo Chemical Co. to produce the panels needed for these TVs.

What the partnership entails is anyone’s guess at this point, although OLED production does presumably require at least some chemistry expertise. Panasonic says it is working with other partners, too, although those haven’t been specified.

The partnership will see the development and manufacture of 40in and larger OLED panels. Panasonic apparently hasn’t made any decisions about the commercialisation of these panels as yet. It wouldn’t be surprising if the company is waiting to see what its competitors are doing before making any firm plans itself.


Via Reuters.

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