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Panasonic launches multi-room speaker system to rival Sonos

Panasonic has launched its own multi-room speaker system to rival Sonos, complete with a new media platform from Qualcomm.

The Panasonic multi-room speaker system range consists of the five-speaker SC-ALL8 and four-speaker SC-ALL3 speakers and the SH-ALL1C Network Audio Connector.

“Panasonic has a great history in providing superior home audio systems and this new multi-room system is no exception”, said Michael Friedrich, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Panasonic Home AV. “We’ve created a flexible system that allows the same music to be enjoyed by all through a number of different speakers in different rooms or alternatively allows different music to be selected and played from each speaker.”

Similar to other multi-room speaker systems, the Panasonic offering lets you stream music content from various sources via your iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The system has two modes, letting you control how and where the music is played. The Party Mode lets all the connected speakers play the same content simultaneously, whereas the Multi Zone mode allows for you to select which speakers play what.

These different modes are possible thanks to Qualcomm’s smart media platform, AllPlay, which lets you stream to multiple rooms from various sources.

The speakers are equipped with second-generation LincsD-Amp noise shaping technology and XBS Master for amplifying low-frequency sounds. There is also Multi Band Gain Control to eliminate unnatural sounds and H.BASS for harmonics additions.

Panasonic’s SC-ALL8 is a five-speaker system that offers a Nano Bamboo Doubble Layer for the woofer and tweet, while the SC-ALL3 is the four-speak alternative.

The SC-ALL1C can be wall-mounted as well, and can be used to upgrade existing speakers to a multi-room system.

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