Panasonic Launches Domestic Appliances into Europe

Starting with fridge-freezers and washing machines in March, with more to follow afterwards.

It’s easy to forget that many of the companies we routinely cover on TrustedReviews, such as LG, Samsung and Philips to name but a few, also make all sorts of domestic appliances, from washing machines and fridges to coffee machines, microwaves and all sorts of other sundries. Panasonic is another company that has a strong presence in this market, but until now it had never sold any of these things in Europe.

As of March 2009, however, Panasonic will be introducing a range of fridge-freezers and washing machines into major European countries, including the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Poland and Spain, with other nations coming at a later date. Speaking at the company’s European convention in Amsterdam today, Yorihisa Shiokawa, Managing Director of Panasonic Marketing Europe, stated that wherever the company went with its white goods, the company ended up in an a “leading position”, adding that it plans to become “a major player in the top segment” in Europe.

How will it do this? Well, you can forget TVs in fridges or anything quite as fanciful as that, since Panasonic is primarily highlighting the energy efficiency of its domestic appliances. Its premium fridge-freezer, for instance, the NR-B30FX1-XB (pictured above), is the first fridge-freezer with a “no frost” freezer to receive an A++ energy efficiency rating from the EU.

When it comes to washing machines, meanwhile, Panasonic will be launching three models into Europe, all of which will feature what Panasonic calls ‘3D Sensor Wash’ technology. This is a drum rotation and speed control system which, using sensors to measure the load, aims to create the most efficient and effective wash possible – reducing the spinning speed to prevent light clothing from sticking to the drum, and increasing it to stop heavy items from sloshing around the bottom.

In addition to this, the drums in all the machines are tilted at 10 degrees, enabling them to use less water without any loss of cleaning ability. There’s even a foam sensor that detects if there’s too much foam in the wash, injecting more water to ensure your clothes don’t come out all soapy! Whoever said washing machines were simple?

All these products should be available from March, allowing users to finally realise the dream of matching their kitchen appliances with their home cinema systems…because you’ve all been dreaming of that, right? Right?

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