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Panasonic: 3D still a ‘key feature’ for the TV market

Despite a continued lack of content and waning consumer interest, Panasonic has claimed 3D is still a ‘key feature’ for the TV scene.

Although in past years 3D has been the buzzword of the home entertainment sector, recently it has been superseded by Smart connectivity and 4K visuals. Despite this drop is focus, however, Panasonic has insisted that 3D is not dead yet.

“I think [3D] is still very much a key feature on the TVs and it’s linked to content,” Craig Cunningham, a Panasonic Product Manager for the UK and Ireland said speaking with TrustedReviews.

Despite broadcasters continuing to reduce their 3D efforts, and fewer 3D films making its to cinemas, Cunningham has insisted that extra dimensional content will still drive adoption of 3D TVs for the home.

When good content comes out people will start to talk about 3D again,” he told us. “Avatar really led the way but it was quite a long while ago.”

He added: “Gravity is quite recent and that in 3D is much better than watching it in 2D. As long as 3D is adding to the experience, I think it is really well appreciated by the consumer.

“I think when it’s just doing 3D for 3D’s sake it hasn’t been accepted quite as well.”

Although content is key, Cunningham has confirmed Panasonic will continue to do its part to support the future of 3D, with the ‘key feature’ to remain prominent on its forthcoming TV lines.

“You’ll see when you see our full line-up for next year, 3D is still very much a part of it,” he said. “It’s not going to be a kind of hero message the way 4K is or the way smart is.”

Although Panasonic has offered its continued backing to the 3D TV space, earlier this year Toshiba told us it doesn’t see the 3D market progressing much further.

Speaking exclusively with TrustedReviews during CES 2014, an official Toshiba spokesperson told us “No, there is not still demand for 3D.”

He added: “We have not seen a huge demand for 3D and we do not see that trend extending its lifeline much further.”

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