Overwatch’s Tracer coming to Heroes of the Storm this week

The Overwatch poster child is making her way to the popular MOBA later this week, Blizzard has confirmed.

Blizzard has released an extensive video introducing Tracer’s character and her abilities in Heroes of the Storm.

Many of Tracer’s abilities are linked to her time manipulation powers found in Overwatch. She can use Blink to zip past enemies, perfect for flanking and surprising the enemy team.

Recall, on the other hand, is a more defensive power. It can be used to turn back time, giving you another chance at success if things go sour.

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If you’ve preordered Overwatch: Origins Edition on PC, Tracer will be playable starting tomorrow. Otherwise, you can grab her from the Nexus on April 26.

Overwatch is set to launch on May 24 for PS4, Xbox One & PC.

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