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Overwatch Christmas Event – All you need to know

Overwatch is ready to get festive with its very own Winter Wonderland, introducing a range of new skins and items to celebrate the most wonderful time of year.

Players are now able to obtain a variety of new skins, items and emotes across all platforms in celebration. You also get to hurl snowballs at your friends in the all new Brawl mode.

Overwatch Christmas Event – When is it?

The Overwatch Winter Wonterland is now active on PS4, Xbox One and PC until January 2.

Two of Overwatch’s many maps have received a festive makeover: King’s Row and Hanamura. These can be enjoyed as part of a seasonal playlist where heroes are randomized across each team.


Overwatch Christmas Event – What’s in it?

Seasonal events normally provide our favourite heroes with new skins, sprays, emotes and victory poses, and this occasion hasn’t let us down.

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland transforms some of our favourite heroes into Santa, Elves, Nutcrackers and more. We’ve included some of our favourite costumes below.


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Winter Wonderland also has a new brawl in the form of Mei’s Snowball Fight. This 6v6 mode has two teams of nothing but Mei hurling snowballs at each other. One hit and you’re out, making for some tense, almost Counter Strike style action.

Are you looking forward to celebrating christmas with Overwatch? Let us know in the comments.