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Original HTC One to be rebranded the HTC One M7

As the eagerly awaited HTC One M8 finally enters the realms of reality, the Taiwanese manufacturer has confirmed the original HTC One will be rebranded the HTC One M7.

Despite undergoing a slight name change, HTC has confirmed that the original One will be remain on sale via UK retailers and network providers, presumably at a reduced price.

We will have both products in market at the same time,” Graham Wheeler, a HTC Product Manager said speaking with TrustedReviews.

He added: “Are we discontinuing it? No. There’s great demand for it, it was the most awarded phone of last year. And while there is great demand we will continue selling it.”

Although the original HTC One will remain readily available in the UK, the handset is adding a small suffix to help better differentiate it from its new, big brother.

“We’re putting the M7 within [the HTC One’s] name to stop the confusion with the new One,” Wheeler told us.

“We expect people to just ask for the ‘HTC One’,” the HTC Product Manager added: “I describe it like BMW cars, when for example they change the 5 series.”

As well sticking to retailer’s shelves, the original HTC One is also being placed in line for a HTC Sense 6 software update.

“We are looking to include HTC Sense 6 into the HTC One,” Wheeler said. “We’re not confirming the timing as yet. But we will look to include some of those features. Obviously it won’t include some of the hardware aspects such as the depth sensor in the camera.”

“Everything we can include, we will include.”

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