Orange Go Official With HP Pre 3

HP is doing its best to make a dog’s dinner of releasing it

latest smartphones. Having announced the Pre 3 to great acclaim back

in February, it has since failed to deliver.

HP warned us when it announced the webOS phone that it would

be summer before we would get our hands on one. However as the long, hot days of summer wane we

are beginning to suspect HP could have missed its opportunity.

Back in June, it was announced on that the Pre 3

would be coming on 8 July. That date came and went and over a month on, we have

no official word on when the Pre 3 will arrive on our shelves.

HP Pre 3 Orange

An indication that the release date is not far off however

has come from UK network, Orange. The network has put the official support page for the phone live on its website. While we realise its not like

an actual launch date, at this stage those of us looking forward to the launch of the Pre 3,

have to hang onto any morsel of encouragement we get.

Even if the Pre 3 launches before the end of August and

thereby just about keeps HP’s promise of a summer launch, it will still probably

be too late for the phone. Further adding to the problems for HP, is the

presence of a 1.2GHz dual-core processor rather than the 1.4GHz one which was

initially believed to be housed within the 3.6in device.

We shall continue to keep our fingers crossed that the Pre 3

will be launched sooner rather than later but could it be too late already? Let

us know what you think  in the


Source: Orange