Orange And Apple Team Up To Offer Free Films

Author of more horror books than you could shake a stick at,

Stephen King, once said: “Books and movies are like apples and oranges.

They both are fruit, but taste completely different.”

This analogy stands up when comparing technology giant

Apple and slightly less-well known mobile network Orange, yet the unlikely pair have come

together to offer customers a free film every week.

The Orange Go offer means that customers in the UK will be able to download one film

every week from iTunes for free. Ok, so it’s not exactly free as you have to

send a text costing 35p each week to receive a code which you can input in the

Film To Go website (or its Facebook variant) every Thursday to gain access to the ‘free’ film.

Orange Film To Go

Still, 35p for a film every Thursday sounds like a good deal

to us. Except, that is, when we discover that we won’t be free to choose whatever

film we want and will instead have to rely on the good taste of people at Orange

to choose something we like. But with My Blueberry Nights as the opening film, we

have yet to be convinced.

Orange Home Broadband customers, as well as Orange mobile

customers on pay as you go, pay monthly, mobile broadband or business can take up the offer. Customers need to text FILMTOGO to 85060 every week or

use the dedicated Orange Film to Go iOS app.

Orange Film To Go

Once downloaded, customers will have 30 days to watch the

film and 48 hours once they’ve pressed play. Films can be downloaded to Macs or

PCs and even synced with iPhones, iPads or iPod touches. However if the film is

downloaded initially to a mobile device, it can’t be shared.

Source: Orange