OQO Announces ‘Tablet’ model O1+

We still can't call it the '02' though...

Already the sexiest micro PC device on the planet, OQO has gone and made the Model 01+ even more palm sweatingly gorgeous.


The ‘OQO model 01+ Tablet Edition’ does is exactly what its name suggests, a touch screen and OS upgraded version of the sumptuous 01+. Somehow, alongside the diddy PC’s sliding keyboard, OQO has managed to squeeze in technology for a digital pen which supports handwriting recognition, e-ink and navigation.

Elsewhere, the raw horsepower remains the same: 1GHz CPU, 30GB (shock mounted) HDD, 512MB RAM, 800 x 480 WVGA 5in display and a raft of connectivity options including WiFi, USB2.0, Bluetooth and FireWire. New support for screen rotation is obviously there now though and support for network booting is also featured for the first time. Battery life remains at up to three hours, depending on usage, and the size (12.45 x 8.6 x 2.28cm) and weight (396.9g) are identical.

Clearly, the model 01+ Tablet Edition has managed to sneak under the tinny gap beneath shop doors as it appears on shelves now. RRP is its usual hefty self at $2.099 (note: the original now drops to just $1,299) and eXpansys remains your sole UK retailer. If you’ve got the cash you buy one, simple as that. No arguments, please.