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The Oppo Reno Ace can fully charge in half an hour

Oppo has already led the field when it comes to fast charging, with its Lamborghini Find X model. Now, it’s breaking its own records with the Reno Ace. 

The Lamborghini Find X promised a fast charge in just 35 minutes, thanks to its SuperVOOC 5V, 10A, 50W fast-charge facility. Oppo has somehow made the process even faster though, and claims the Reno Ace will fully charge in just 30 minutes.

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That’s down to the upgraded SuperVOOC tech, which now packs a 65W punch and wastes no time topping up the handset’s 4000mAh battery. Oppo also claims that a five minute charge can prep the phone for two hours of use.

This is very much an industry wide move at the moment, Google having made fast-charge-enabling USB-C slots mandatory in new Android phones. Equally Vivo and Xiaomi have made even faster fast-charge technology, but not made that tech available on the market.

Oppo has become the first to offer these speeds in a readily available phone, and the Reno Ace is much cheaper than the Lamborghini Find X model. That came in at around £1500. The Reno Ace is making its first open-market stop off in China and will start at 2,999 yuan, which is approximately £350.

In terms of specs, the phone is quite similar to the OnePlus 7T, a phone that impressed us with powerful performance and a fantastic, industry leading screen. OnePlus and Oppo are sister companies, so it makes sense that we’d see some similarities across their smartphone releases, and having similarities to the OnePlus 7T is no bad thing.

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The Oppo Reno Ace represents the latest move in an industry-wide rush towards fast-charging. It’s a way for phone manufacturers to offer convenience based in hard fact, saying: “We saved you x amount of time”. As a result, the real question will be if Oppo, having gained the fast-charging crown, can keep it.