Opera & Mozilla Slam Windows 7 RC

Cheeky upgrade browser behaviour leaves companies fuming.

This must be a contender for least surprising story ever…

Mozilla – maker of Firefox – and Opera – maker of, erm, Opera – went public late last week to declare their frustration at the lack of browser etiquette exhibited by the newly launched Windows 7 Release Candidate.

The essence of the (perfectly valid) claim is the rather underhand manoeuvre which affects upgrades from Windows Vista to the RC whereby the user’s default browser is automatically changed to Internet Explorer 8 regardless of their previous preference. Yep, it is sneaky.

“Our initial review suggests this is a blatant use of the Windows operating system to change the market dynamics of browser usage,” said Mozilla chairwoman Mitchell Baker. “This issue highlights the problem with the browser market,” agreed Opera CTO Hakon Wium Lie. “It’s certainly something we would want to discuss.”

In response Microsoft rejected the claims saying Windows 7 RC is simply beta software and it targets experienced users who will know what to do when faced with this issue. Which begs the question: ”Why” do it in the first place then? Compounding the situation, Microsoft is due to face the European Union next month over antitrust allegations regarding the bundling of Internet Explorer with its OS – a case which has dragged on for more than six years. Way to make a great impression guys.

For the record, we do actually like Internet Explorer 8, just a whole lot less than we like Firefox… or Opera.

Or Safari 4

Or Google Chrome


via The FT

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