Opera Mobile Adds Rich Multimedia

The best mobile browser this side of an iPhone...?

We like mobile browsers. As Riyad is likely to attest in his impending iPhone review, the Safari mobile browser is the best we’ve ever seen – but Opera isn’t going to take that lying down…

Today the Norwegians have released Opera Mobile 8.65, an incremental number jump but major feature booster for those not lucky/rich enough to adopt Apple’s pride and joy.

New Features for 8.65 include:

*Support for Macromedia Flash Player 7 for Pocket PC

*FlashLite 2.1

*Text Wrap in Desktop Mode

*Grab and Scroll (only applicable to Pocket PC)

*Web search in address bar

*Save image

*Copy text

*Send link as e-mail, SMS, and MMS

*Import bookmarks from Pocket Internet Explorer

*Desktop Mode as default viewing mode

Consequently, users will find the latest experience far more multimedia friendly with a more dynamic edge to it. This is vital given that its only real competition is Microsoft’s seemingly dead in the water Safari imitation Deepfish which has (remarkably) been without an update or developer comment for over excess of six months.

Coupled with Opera Mini Beta 4, Mobile 8.65 is certainly giving the company a pair of superb mobile browsing platforms and one other developers have fallen so far behind it has become embarrassing.

Opera Mobile 8.65 Changelog