OnLive Going Live In UK On 22 September

Back in June, the online gaming service OnLive went live, so to speak, allowing users to register for the service in the UK

for the first time.

Since 7 June, eager gamers have been registering their player tags for the online gaming service and the company has now revealed that the launch date will be 22 September for the service in the UK.

Not only that, but OnLive has also hinted at talking to ISPs

in the UK, to try and broker some deal whereby users of OnLive won’t go over

their data download limit within a few hours of playing.


Onlive’s lowest

connection speed of 1Mbps would consume around 450MB per hour, and if you’ve a

download cap of 5GB or 10GB, then you wouldn’t be long going over your limit. Also, in a bid to

prevent problems with latency, OnLive has set up a new European server facility

in Luxembourg.

The OnLive service allows gamers to play high-profile titles

with the hardware sitting in the cloud. The service is available on most PCs

and Macs as well as internet-connected TVs using a MicroConsole TV Adapter to

which you can connect most PC controllers or OnLive’s own Wireless Controller.

Tablet gaming is another area where OnLive is looking to

make its mark, and the HTC Flyer is the first console which will let you play the games on your

mobile device, following HTC’s $40 million investment in the cloud gaming


OnLive has been available in the States for well over a year

now and has had quite a bit of success. Although pricing for the UK market has

not been announced yet, we can’t see why the service won’t have similar success

on OnLive UKthis side of the Atlantic.