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Is the OnePlus TV available in the UK?

After nearly a year of regular teasers, the OnePlus TV has finally launched − but it’s not available everywhere.

In fact, the new telly is currently exclusive to India. The ‘Q1’ version of the OnePlus TV (which doesn’t come with a soundbar) costs 69,900 rupees (~£800), while the ‘Q2’ model (which does come with the soundbar) costs 99,900 rupees (~£1150).

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That soundbar, by the way, packs in six front-firing speakers and two backwards facing speakers, and slides down from the bottom of the TV − it’s a neat little trick.

However, we’re hopeful that the OnePlus TV will be released in the UK in the near future.

Ahead of its September 26 unveiling, OnePlus said that the TV would come to North America, Europe and China “as soon as we establish partnerships with most of local and regional content providers”.

“We want to be sure of every step we take, which is why we wanted to focus on one market at a time,” the company’s CEO and co-founder, Pete Lau, wrote in a blog post on August 20.

One of the reasons OnePlus has focused on bringing its newest device to India first is that India has long been a key market for the company.

In the past the company has offered India-based consumers exclusive access to Avengers- and Star Wars-themed variants of the OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 6.

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The OnePlus TV features a 55-inch QLED display, but OnePlus hasn’t yet revealed its resolution. It runs Android TV, but OnePlus phone users will be able to take advantage of an additional array of features through OnePlus Connect.

The OnePlus TV was unveiled alongside the new OnePlus 7T, which represents an incremental upgrade over the OnePlus 7 − which only came out in May. It’s expected to launch the OnePlus 7T Pro at another event on October 10.