OnePlus Tab tablet on the way

Hot off critical acclaim for the OnePlus One smartphone, it’s emerged that a OnePlus Tab tablet is in development at the exciting new Chinese manufacturer.

The verdict is in on the OnePlus One, and the impressive news is that it isn’t too good to be true after all. It really is a top-notch Android phone for a mid-range price, no strings attached (if you can get your hands on one).

If OnePlus can make an HTC One M8-rivalling smartphone for half the money, imagine what it can do with the tablet form factor.

Well, we’re going to see exactly what OnePlus can do with it, according to a new leaked screenshot revealed by @evleaks. It shows an Alpha build of the OnePlus website, and alongside the OnePlus One link is one for the OnePlus Tab.

There are no further details on the OnePlus Tab – no specs or images or anything – but the mere mention of it is plenty tantalising enough. A Samsung Galaxy Tab S-rivalling top-end 10-inch tablet for under £250, perhaps?

We’ve never seen one of those before – all the best-value Android tablets tend to be 7-inch examples.

Here’s hoping OnePlus has ironed out its manufacturing process by the time of the OnePlus Tab’s release, as we don’t know if we can go through another torturous invite process. Oh, who are we kidding? Of course we can.

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