OnePlus 7 could drop the notch for something far more eye-catching

We’ve come across a multitude of OnePlus 7 leaks over the past couple of months but, until now, they haven’t given us any idea of what the upcoming handset could look like.

That’s all changed, after a new image was published by SlashLeaks, showing off what appears to be an as yet unannounced OnePlus handset with a proper edge-to-edge screen and − notch haters rejoice! − no screen cutout.

Instead, it looks like the phone will feature a Vivo Nex S-like popup front-facing camera you’ll be able to slide in and out of the phone’s main body.

oneplus 7 leak

Image Credit: SlashLeaks

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OnePlus and Vivo are both owned by BBK Electronics, and in the past we’ve seen the companies equip their smartphones with very similar features. However, as this is merely a rumour, we’re taking it with a pinch of salt.

To date, we haven’t seen many smartphones with slider cameras, but the aforementioned Vivo Nex S is one that immediately springs to mind.

In our review, we wrote: “This is a neat solution to the issue of hampering the screen, and it feels well put together – but it also looks vulnerable to drop damage. This is a bigger problem than you might initially believe: on rare occasions, the camera popped open with the phone in my pocket, and didn’t close – even with the screen off.”

If − and that’s a big if − OnePlus opts for a popup camera for the OnePlus 7, hopefully it manages to do a slightly better job than Vivo did.

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There’s still no word on when the follow-up to the excellent OnePlus 6T could launch, but we do know that it will almost certainly pack Qualcomm’s new powerhouse Snapdragon 855 SoC under the hood.

There have been rumours that it will be available in 5G and 4G versions, but we’ve also heard that OnePlus may roll out a separate, pricier line of smartphones for people who want 5G as soon as possible.

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