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OnePlus 8 may be on the verge of a massive, massive breakthrough

OnePlus might be on the verge of making a Beatles-esque break into the United States amid reports the company’s next-gen smartphone might launch on the Verizon 5G network.

An Android Police source says that the OnePlus 8 will be the first device in the history of the company to be made available directly via the Verizon network.

Until now it’s been possible for people to buy the device outright and register it with Verizon, but selling smartphones directly through a major network would represent a major breakthrough for the Chinese firm.

Whatsmore, the OnePlus 8 would be compatible with Verizon’s mmWave 5G network, which offers next-gen speeds in excess of 1Gpps in the limited areas in which it is currently available.

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Previous OnePlus phones have been available via T-Mobile in the United States, but opening the gateway to one of the two major US networks would go a long way towards the company’s mainstream acceptance.

The gateway into United States’ most popular network would be a massive deal for OnePlus, which has  built a cult following among SIM-free smartphone users in the last few years.

OnePlus’ releases have been ready for prime time in the US for quite some time, but there remains a certain amount of scepticism towards Chinese smartphone manufactures among US companies and consumers.

US consumers generally prefer well-known brands, while the US government’s attitude toward Huawei tells you all you need to know about a potential Chinese tech incursion into the US market.

If US consumers are still doubting the merits of the OnePlus range of handsets, our reviewer gave the OnePlus 7T 4.5/5 stars.

He wrote: “The OnePlus 7T is an excellent bit of hardware. The Fluid AMOLED, 90Hz screen is industry leading and a key feature we’d like to see other mobile phone makers adopt. Add to this its improved fast charging, CPU and triple-sensor rear camera and the OnePlus 7T quickly becomes a pretty alluring bit of kit.”