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OnePlus 7 Pro update addresses the biggest complaint

The OnePlus 7 Pro has only been on sale a couple of weeks, but the firm is already dishing out software updates to remedy some perceived flaws.

Today’s update brings improvements for the camera for the OnePlus 7 Pro handset, which promises better HDR performance, while sorting out the white balance and focus issues mentioned by early adopters.

OnePlus is also taking the opportunity to improve the Ambient Display, optimising the Tap To Wake feature, while it is also tackling an issue with Bluetooth headsets that has led to some users complaining about audio lag when playing games.

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The list of updates, as part of Oxygen OS 9.5.4 and 9.5.5 (depending on the region) release, is list listed as follows in the OnePlus changelog.


Optimized Double Tap to Wake and Ambient Display
Fixed an issue that causes an audio delay with the Bluetooth headset when playing games
General bug fixes and improvements

Improved image quality in HDR scenarios
Improved image quality in low light
Fixed white balance issue in several scenarios
Fixed focus issue in several scenarios

While the update addresses many of the perceived issues with the OnePlus 7 Pro out of the box, it doesn’t contend with a relatively new complaint. Last week it emerged OnePlus 7 owners were experiencing ‘ghost touch’ issues, where the handset would register phantom user inputs, especially in the top right corner of the screen.

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