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Some OnePlus 6 users say the phone’s screen flickers in bright light

Users across forums including Reddit and the official OnePlus boards are complaining about an apparent screen-flickering issue with their OnePlus 6 devices.

The issue appears to rear its head in bright conditions, and users are reporting that the phone will flicker intermittently between two different brightness levels, Android Police reports.

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Since the issue only seems to occur when the phone has its adaptive brightness setting enabled, it appears as though the handset is having issues with either sensing how bright it is or deciding how bright the screen should be as a result.

It’s an annoying issue, with users across the OnePlus forums, Reddit, and XDA all complaining about the problem. Here’s hoping OnePlus identifies the source of the issue and rolls out a fix sooner rather than later.

Updates giveth, and updates taketh away?

One theory making the rounds suggests that the problem may have been introduced with OxygenOS v5.1.8.

The most high-profile new feature to be added as part of the update was a new portrait mode for the selfie camera, which introduced a shallow depth of field effect to make your ugly mug as appealing as possible.

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But this wasn’t the only improvement made to the OnePlus 6’s camera. The same update also included improvements to photo clarity, dynamic range, and focus speed and accuracy.

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