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OnePlus 2 looks set for June 1 reveal

OnePlus could be set to announce the follow-up to the OnePlus One, its new OnePlus 2, on June 1.

The OnePlus One was both announced and released (in a sense) in April 2014, so it could be argued that a follow-up is now overdue.

The Chinese startup manufacturer may have just revealed a launch date for its new phone. Over on the OnePlus Google page, the company has posted the above image. It appears to show a OnePlus One being erased, accompanied by the words “Time for a change.”

Alongside this leading image, OnePlus posted that “We’re always looking for ways to shake up the tech industry. And we think it’s time for a change. Find out more June 1.”

Admittedly, we’re never entirely sure what OnePlus has planned. Who would have predicted that it would have launched an affordable drone on April 1? But we’re pretty sure this signifies the launch of the OnePlus 2 – or OnePlus Two depending on whether they stick to the OnePlus One’s naming system.

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We’ve been hearing various snippets and rumours concerning the OnePlus 2 in recent months. We’ve heard that it will be powered by the Snapdragon 810 CPU, that it will have a fingerprint scanner, and that it will continue to leave out microSD, wireless charging, and removable battery facilities.

We also heard from the OnePlus team that the phone will have a “different price” to the OnePlus One, which would also support the suggestion that there could be a revamped OnePlus One handset launched some time soon.