Olympus Announces LS-10 Stereo Digital Recorder

Endorsed by Pink Floyd drummer, Nick Mason, no less.

Portable audio recorders are, for the most part, much of a muchness. But not, Olympus would have us believe, its LS-10 Digital Recorder. Of course not every product boasts “better than CD quality” stereo recording from a pocket-sized device and the approval of Nick Mason, of Pink Floyd fame.

So what does £269.99 worth of Olympus LS-10 net you? For starters you’ve got a recorder the stylish aluminium casing of which wouldn’t look out of place on the set of Star Trek coupled with equally decent specs:

* Up to 24bit/96kHz sampling rate and PCM recording.

* WAV/WMA/MP3 recording formats.

* Tripod connector.

* Automatic and manual recording level controls.

* SD/SDHC card slot.

* 2GB internal memory

* Built-in high quality stereo microphone.

* Built-in stereo speakers.

* Optional remote control

* Optional A/C adaptor

Olympus touts the LS-10 as being perfect for budding musicians wanting to commit their own performances to tape digital storage. Were we a little less scrupulous we might also suggest it could well be perfect for bootleg recordings of concerts – although obviously we can’t condone such activity.

Nick Mason reckons “It’s capable of recording at a quality that was previously only possible with a full mobile recording studio” and that’s good enough for us.