OLPC Adds Yet More Donation Options

The more you choose to donate the less you'll pay per XO. And OLPC will throw in extra systems too.

We’re pretty sure here at TrustedReviews that our readers are fairly benevolent folk who are no-doubt following the development of the OLPC foundation’s XO, ‘$100 laptop’ with some interest. Following on from the Give One Get One program, which launches on the 12th of November, the more giving of you can now make a decent sized donation of systems without having a similar consignment arrive on your doorstep.

The offer, if that’s the right word, is elegant in its simplicity. Basically, the more notebooks you donate, the less you’ll pay per machine and (up to a point) OLPC will also throw in some extra systems for good measure. There are three possible sizes of donation, as follows:

* Give 100+ Each notebook will cost $299 and can be sent to wherever the donor chooses. OLPC will donate a further 50+ notebooks to a country of its choice.

* Give 1000+ Each notebook will cost $249 and OLPC will contribute an additional 250+ notebooks. Again, OLPC systems are sent to a country of OLPC’s choice, while the donor specifies their destination for the purchased machines.

* Give 10,000+ Each XO will cost $200 and all systems will be sent to the location of the donor’s choice. (At this level OLPC won’t add to the donation, hardly surprising given the price it’s offering the XO’s at).

If you, or perhaps more realistically your company, is looking to participate in a little charity work this Christmas then this may pose an interesting alternative to the norm.

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