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OLED TVs still ‘just not there’ says Panasonic

Panasonic has suggested that OLED TVs are still ‘just not there’ in terms of affordability and reliability despite being the future of the television sector.

Although suggesting OLED panels will soon dominate the TV space, Craig Cunningham, a Product Manager with Panasonic has stated that the technology still needs more work until in order to be ready for the mainstream masses.

“The question that always comes up is when is OLED going to be ready?” Cunningham said speaking with TrustedReviews. “We showed OLED at CES, we showed it curved both ways so as soon as that’s ready – as soon as that can get to price points that are affordable – that will be the next panel solution.”

He added: “At the moment, it’s just not there. For the time being, it’s just going to be about 4K and about smart TV.

With OLED TVs having been tipped as the next big thing for a number of years, and with only a handful of hugely expensive panels having made it to market, the technology is set to keep consumers waiting for a while longer yet.

However, despite these ongoing time issues, Panasonic is insistent that OLED, which offers deeper blacks within a thinner and lighter panel than LCD displays, is still the future. What’s more, the company believes that OLED will go hands-in-hand with the rise of 4K.

“Without a doubt OLED will be the future of TV, there’s no question about that,” Cunningham told us.

“When it can come to the mass market and when it can be as reliable as the LED panels – when you spend that kind of money you need reliability – 2K OLED doesn’t really make any sense to us.”

He added: “I don’t think you should buy the future panel technology and have to settle for an older resolution format. 4K OLED makes sense to us. That’s what we’ve shown at pretty much every convention ever since CES two years ago. As soon as that’s ready, that will be the future of TV and we will be right there as soon as it’s launched I am sure.”

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