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Office 2019 vs Office 365? Microsoft says there’s only one winner

You really shouldn’t buy Microsoft Office 2019. But don’t just take our word from it, take Microsoft’s. The company is launching a video campaign in an attempt to wean users off the perpetual license version of the Office suite and onto its preferred cloud-based Office 365 subscription platform.

The firm believes the cloud-connected features and more regular updates offer the best overall package for Office users. However, the Office 365 platform costs at least £59.99 per year, while Office 2019 can be nabbed for a one-off price of £119.99, and can be serviceable for years.

In an effort to illustrate just what Office 2019 buyers could be missing, Microsoft has produced a series of clips (via Neowin), purportedly showing sets of identical twins attempting to perform identical tasks on the un-identical versions of Office.

Firstly we’ve got a Word user struggling to edit and share his CV, while his brother breezes through the process thanks to the additional features offered by Office 365.

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There are similar clips for the Excel and PowerPoint apps, with one twin having a much easier time (and enough time to make a smoothie or use a skipping rope) than the other. Completely staged, of course, but you get the idea.

Office 2019 has seemed like a reluctant release from Microsoft since it launched in September. Back then the company said it was only for “customers who aren’t yet ready for the cloud.”

Upon release, company said: “While the cloud offers real benefits in productivity, security, and total cost of ownership, we recognise that each customer is at a different point in their adoption of cloud services. We see the on-premises version of Office as an important part of our commitment to give customers the flexibility they need to move to the cloud at their own pace.”

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