Office 2010 Leaks Onto Torrents

Follows down the well trodden path of Windows 7.

Windows 7 was leaked early to the torrents so it seems Office 2010 is in good company…

Both 32bit and 64bit versions of the ‘Office 2010 Technical Preview’ have this week begun appearing on bittorent trackers (yes, including The Pirate Bay and what’s more, given the developer centric audience for each, neither requires a licence key to use.

Those comfortable with P2P antics will likely jump at this chance, while the simple addition of a 64bit compatible version should be enough to tempt users who have long since moved on from 32bit.

Other key things to look out for include the continued evolution of the love it/hate it ‘Ribbon’ interface (I’m personally a big fan), support for the ISO compliant version of Office Open XML, faster start up times and the usual (though as yet unspecified) myriad of tweaks and additions Microsoft likes to make to each new suite generation. That said, don’t expect 2010 to be the radical reinterpretation 2007 was.

For those less keen to go down the torrent route you can sign up to test the Technical Preview at It’s scheduled to be made available in July. As for the final release, that’s not due to hit shop shelves until early/mid 2010. Are you that patient? Probably…


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