Offical HTC Puccini Images Leaked

HTC entered the tablet market earlier this year with more of

a whimper than a roar when it launched the 7in Flyer. However the

Taiwanese company hasn’t been deterred by somewhat lacklustre reviews of the Flyer, and is set to launch a larger tablet in the shape of the Puccini in the coming months.

Named after the Italian composer who brought us La Boheme, Madame

Butterfly and Turandot, the 10.1in Puccini has yet to be officially unveiled by

HTC but some official pictures of the Android tablet and the version of

Honeycomb it will be running have been leaked.

While the new pictures don’t give us any more information

regarding the hardware specifications of the Puccini, they do give us some tidbits

of information.

HTC Puccini

First up is the fact that the Puccini is likely to work with

the Scribe stylus we saw with the HTC Flyer – a pen icon in the tray points to

this fact. One problem on the Flyer was that there was no dock for the Scribe

and whether this issue has been addressed on the Puccini is not known.

We also see from the pictures that HTC is taking full

advantage of the 1280 x 800 screen by including a numeric keypad with the

on-screen keyboard and proper tabbed browsing.

The 1.5GHz dual-core tablet is rumoured to have front- and

rear-facing cameras with the latter a huge eight megapixel monster. The new tablet is

set to have LTE connectivity to run on AT&T’s 4G network in the US, however

for us here in the UK, this won’t affect us for quite some time.

HTC Puccini

The Puccini is likely to go on sale before the end of the

year and we could be seeing it in the flesh for the first time in Germany at

the annual IFA trade show at the beginning of next month – where HTC would be remiss if it didn’t launch the tablet to the strains of Giacomo Puccini’s most famous composition “Nessun dorma”

HTC Puccini

Source: Pocket Now