OCZ Vertex Series: 250MB/s Read, 240MB/s Write

Internal testing shows impressive results.

Currently, the fastest SSD on the market is Intel’s 32GB X-25E but OCZ’s Vertex series might be about to change that. DailyTech reports that thanks to a switch from JMicron’s JMF602 SSD controller to the Indilinx Barefoot, and some firmware tweaks, OCZ has seen some intimidating test results.

While not directly indicative of the speeds likely to be offered retail, OCZ apparently saw reads up to 250MB/s and write speeds of 240MB/s. Bearing in mind Intel’s X-25E offers 250MB/s and 170MB/s read and write respectively using its own custom controller, that’s pretty good going by OCZ.

Indilinx itself rates its controller with 170MB/s write and 230MB/s read speeds, so OCZ has definitely eked some impressive extra performance out of the chip somehow. Whether that’s entirely through firmware, or a result of conservative ratings on Indilinx can’t be discerned.

With pre-order pricing ranging between £120-odd for a 30GB Vertex SSD and nearly £750 for a 250GB model, these drives still aren’t going to be for the average PC user.


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