Oculus Quest high-end standalone VR headset is official – here’s what you need to know

Oculus has officially announced its long-awaited, high-end standalone VR headset, which it is calling the Oculus Quest. The device, previously known as the Santa Cruz, will arrive in Spring 2019.

The headset, which will not require a connected PC or smartphone, will cost $399 and will ship with a pair of Oculus Touch controllers. Speaking during the Oculus Connect developer conference, the Facebook-owned company promised the headset will arrive with 50 titles at launch.

Oculus is describing the product as its first all-in-one VR gaming system, as illustrated in the video below, which suggests there’ll be strong focus on play. Existing Rift titles like Robo Recall, The Climb, and Moss are promised at launch.

As well as offering a wireless approach, the Oculus Quest will offer six degrees of freedom (6DoF), enabling wearers to roam freely within the physical and virtual space. The big upgrade on the $199 Oculus Go offers built-in spatial audio, as well as a 1600 x 1440 display and 64GB of built in storage.

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There’s no word yet on potential battery life offered by the system, nor on specs like CPU or RAM, but those are likely to emerge in the month’s leading up to release, or later during the ongoing Oculus Connect event.

From a design perspective the Quest appears to be slightly more rounded than the two previous systems outed by Oculus, while there also appears to be attractive purple accents.

Naturally, using the original Rift to connect to a high-end PC will still provide the best VR experience, while the Oculus Go headset is seen as the company’s affordable entry-point to standalone VR experiences. The Quest sits in the middle, but it might just be the sweet spot for those unconvinced by VR thus far. The price is potentially appealing to console gamers, while providing an experience akin to those platforms.

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