Oculus now allowing devs to sell games on other VR-friendly stores

The Oculus Rift is now in the hands of its first consumers and its Facebook-owned manufacturer is taking steps to give buyers more choice over where they purchase content.

The company has written to developers today informing them they can make their made-for-Oculus games available in stores that also support VR content, such as Steam.

The company has even vowed not to take a cut of in-app purchase revenue for the Rift experiences sold outside of the Oculus Store.

Oculus Rift – review in progress

In a post on the developers’ blog (via AndroidCentral), the firm wrote: “The Oculus platform and store are designed to provide the best VR experience and content, but we also recognize that people will want to use apps that aren’t available on the Oculus platform or in the store.

As a developer, you don’t have to be in the Oculus Store — you can sell outside, and when you do that you can you use your own IAP if you prefer, and we don’t take a cut. You can also request keys (royalty free) to sell your Oculus PC app on other stores, while making it available to the community through the Oculus platform.”

Making the change, which comes via an updated SDK, is as easy as enabling ‘Unknown Sources’ in the Oculus desktop app.

Elsewhere, Oculus also took the opportunity to remind devs that every Rift can be used as a development kit to create content, including the DK2 set-up.

“While DK2s aren’t supported as consumer devices, they’ll remain functional as development kits this year for developers working with the latest SDK,” the company explained.

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