Oculus Connect developer conference announced for September

Oculus VR has announced a brand new virtual reality conference called Oculus Connect to be held in September.

The Oculus Connect conference will be held on September 19-20 at the Loews Hollywood Hotel in LA and will focus on bringing virtual reality developers together.

The idea is that they can then “share and collaborate in the interest of creating the best virtual reality experiences possible.”

Although the conference is intended for developers, Oculus Connect is also open to the public and anyone interested in attending will be able to apply via the Oculus Connect website on Thursday July 10.

“In the last two years, we’ve seen more virtual reality content built than in the last two decades, and that’s a direct result of incredible work by the community,” reads the Oculus VR blog. “With virtual reality’s momentum at an all-time high, this is a unique moment for the developer community to come together to take the virtual reality to the next level.”

A full session list for the two day conference isn’t set to be announced until later this year, the company has confirmed that there will be keynotes from Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe, Founder Palmer Luckey, CTO John Carmack and Chief Scientist Michael Abrash.

The company added that these keynotes will be related to “Oculus, virtual reality and the future of the medium” and no doubt the Oculus Rift headset too.

“Attendees will be the first to learn about upcoming Oculus technology, with sessions and workshops led by Oculus engineers and industry pioneers. Developers at the event will also have opportunities to receive design and engineering feedback directly from the Oculus team in hands-on labs.”

For those who can’t attend the conference, Oculus VR has confirmed the keynotes will be live streamed so that everyone can get a piece of the VR action.

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