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Octopus is an icon-based watch for kids

Smartwatches that ping you notifications are all well and good, but – in the words of Helen Lovejoy – won’t somebody please think of the children? Now someone has.

Introducing Octopus. It’s a colourful watch for kids that features icons to tell them what activity happens at what time. The time appears in numerical form, alongside a picture of a bath for bath time, say, or a knife and fork for dinner time.

The idea is they associate certain activities with certain times of the day, and learn how telling the time can be useful.

Parents can program reminders for kids, and at the set time, they’ll appear on the child’s watch. So you can let them know it’s dinner time without shouting to them. You do it all through an app on your smartphone.

It’s aimed at kids aged between three and eight. And it comes with over 600 icons.

There’s an optional gamification feature too. When turned on, your child will be able to unlock virtual rewards like special badges based on their progress.

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Hopefully it’ll teach them the importance of being on time too. Because no one likes being kept waiting.

It’s already passed its funding goal of $50,000 and still has 44 days to go. To get one, pledge $59 (£41) and it can be yours on an early bird. All being well, it should ship in March next year. As long as the makers know the importance of being on time, that is.