O2 Launches Impressive UK Broadband Offering

Admirably focuses on customer satisfaction.

When O2 bought Be in June we knew it couldn’t be long before the network launched its own broadband service. It wasn’t…

The linguistically sensible ‘O2 Broadband’ is the result and – perhaps refreshingly – focuses on customer satisfaction as well as competitive prices.

Consequently, the company claims it will provide a service that has:

*A simple one step plug-and-play set-up through the O2 wireless box with automatic configuration. No messy codes or complicated technical procedures

*A free O2 wireless router with automatic configuration

*Free UK-based customer services from UK landlines or O2 mobiles through a single number and 24×7 technical support

*Unlimited downloads (subject to fair usage policies)

*Speeds of up to 20Mbps via ADSL2+

*A range of combined mobile and broadband product features, including O2 Broadband emails automatically being sent to your O2 mobile phone message in-box and address book synchronisation between their PCs and O2 mobiles

*100 free texts per month can also be sent from a user’s O2 Broadband account to their PC

*Free McAfee antivirus software with parenting controls

Price plans begin with the ‘Standard Package’ at £7.50pm for up to 8Mbit, moving onto the ‘Premium Package’ at £10pm for up to 16Mbit and topping out at the ‘Ultimate Package’ which offers £15pm for up to 20Mbit. Good value indeed.

The plans are also open to non O2 subscribers but cost an additional £10 each.

O2 Broadband goes live on 15 October and looks a highly welcome addition to what has previously been a shoddily run and unreliable sector.

O2 Broadband