O2 Lands Palm Pre

Following up the biggest handset exclusive in the world with the second biggest?

Could one network really have a stranglehold on the two biggest phones of the year?

Following on from what we first heard in March, The Guardian is reporting an exclusive O2 Palm Pre deal has been struck. This move would mean the network has sole UK distribution rights for both the Pre and the impending third generation iPhone – expected to be unveiled at WWDC next month. Depending on how you interpret these things, O2 either made an admission of guilt or left ends open by refusing to comment on the news.

The Pre is expected to cost users a similar amount to the current iPhone 3G. The only official figures we have so far are from US network partner Sprint which will charge £129 for the device on a two year contract. That said, the comparably poor state of America’s telecoms market means it doesn’t give us much indication as to prices this side of the Atlantic.

Interestingly, similar speculation surrounding the original UK iPhone network proved largely wrong with every one of the major telcos touted at one point or another. Despite this talk seems far more polarised here so don’t be surprised if O2 does indeed have the bragging rights to the only pair of multi-touch phones on the market…

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via The Guardian