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Nvidia teams up with creators to show off Minecraft RTX – and it looks amazing

Over recent months, it seems Minecraft has become the gaming poster-child for raytracing – from previous PC showcases to the Xbox Series X launch. Now, Nvidia has teamed up with creators to create more stunning ray-traced builds.

Nvidia teamed up with renowned Minecrafters Razzleberries, GeminiTay and Blockworks to add a community twist to the ongoing Minecraft showcases we’ve witnessed thus far. Along with these creations, Nvidia has released tutorials to help Minecrafters create their own new RTX worlds and convert their original ones.

Let’s take a look at the images from Nvidia’s new creator worlds:

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Minecraft RTX

Above is “Of Temples and Totems RTX” by Razzleberries, offering a playable adventure in a world that shows off the new lighting tech using a temple setting. Razzleberries helped found the popular Minecraft Marketplace community.

Minecraft RTX

The next image comes from “Imagination Island RTX” by BlockWorks. This raytracing-laden world uses a theme park setting and sets players the task of finding easter eggs – a clever way to get explorers to see the lighting in action across the map. 

BlockWorks is a team of creators who’ve amassed over 10 million downloads from their creations.

Minecraft RTX

Then there’s “Crystal Palace RTX” by Gemini Tray. Sorry to fans of Crystal Palace FC, you won’t find Selhurst Park in this world. Instead, Gemini Tray – a popular YouTube and Minecrafter – has created a literal (well, in Minecraft) palace to demonstrate raytracing in a fantasy-setting.

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If all of these images impress you then you can jump on the guides and tutorials that Nvidia has provided to get in on the action yourself once Minecraft with RTX launches. 

These materials were originally set to be made available during the GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley but the conference joined many events in being cancelled for 2020. Nvidia is, instead, hosting GTC Digital as a way to release content that would’ve been at the conference – such as this Minecraft creator initiative.