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Nvidia Shield handheld console delayed until July

The release of the new Nvidia Shield gaming device has been pushed back until next month, after the makers discovered a mechanical issue at the last minute.

The exciting handheld console, which takes the form of a traditional games controller with a flip-up display, was due to go on sale on Thursday.

However, some last minute quality checks uncovered a mechanical issue and, as a result, Nvidia has decided to delay shipping of the Android-powered device until everything is resolved to its satisfaction.

The company failed to elaborate fully on what was causing the problem but cited a ‘third-party’ component.

In a post on the company blog Nvidia’s Jason Paul wrote: “We’re grateful for all the enthusiasm that’s been expressed for Sheild, our new portable gaming device.  And we’re eager to get it into your hands.

“But we won’t do that until it’s fully up to the exacting standards that NVIDIA’s known for. And some final quality-assurance testing has just turned up a mechanical issue that we’re not happy with.

“So, while we announced last week that Shield will go on sale this Thursday, we’ve taken the hard decision to delay shipping until next month.”

In apologising to those who’d pre-ordered the Steam-enabled device, Paul said the company was working around the clock to eliminate the issue, but did not commit to an exact release date in July.

The company endeared itself to would be owners less than a week ago by cutting the price from $349 to $299 following user feedback. Hopefully some of the good will generated by the company through that gesture will carry through while it addresses the issue with the console.

While, it is disappointing for those eagerly awaiting the Tegra-4 powered device to land at their doors, Nvidia should, at least, be applauded for its desire to make everything perfect. Early adopters of games consoles are often those who suffer most from teething problems when new devices are sent out into the wild. Hopefully, when Shield owners get their console, everything will run smoothly.

Via The Verge