nVidia 7 Series For The Masses

The 7300 arrives.

Want to tell your friends you own a seven series nVidia graphics card even though you’re totally skint? nVidia makes good boys and girls dreams (OK, it’s only boys who dream about graphics cards, after that they dream about girls) come true.

The GeForce 7300 GS is the latest addition to the company’s on-the-market-so-long-ahead-of-ATI’s-X1x00-series-it-was-embarassing range. It’s a four pixel pipe and three vertex unit so fps records are clearly out of the question, though with a core clock speed hitting 550MHz and memory jogging along at 400MHz it has an air of respectability. Whilst being a seven series card means Shader model 3.0 and HDR is supported.

RAM will come in either 128MB and 256MB lumps which can be boosted via the company’s TurboCache technology and, naturally, we are looking at a PCI Express only interface at the moment, though you can never rule out an AGP-er turning up in the not too distant future. DVI Out is another must have feature these days which nVidia has dutifully ticked and RRPs are expected to be as low as sub 70 euros.

All the usual players such as XFX, Point of View, ad inifinitum are churning out their takes on these cards now and if you’re a gamer still on a severe post New Year spending cull this could be your newest friend…

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