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Now we know what Android N notifications will look like

Details of Android N’s notification system have leaked out, providing the biggest taster yet of what’s to come in version 7.0.

Most Android users haven’t even tasted Android 6.0 Marshmallow yet, but the leaks and rumours surrounding Android 7.0 N have already started to pick up. Understandably so, with Google I/O just two-and-a-half months away.

The latest and greatest tip yet has just arrived via Android Police, which appears to have gotten its hands on an early build of Android N. We’ve been granted a fairly detailed look at the new OS’s notification system.

Android has long had the best notification system in the business, and that looks set to continue with Android 7.0.

Notifications now contain more information without appearing significantly more cluttered. Notifications now use up the entire width of your phone’s display, app icons have been significantly diminished, and there are no gaps in between individual notifications either.

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Google has also added popular quick settings toggles to the top of the basic notification menu, rather than requiring a double swipe to access as is currently the case. You can still expand that quick settings panel for more toggles, but this panel has now been paginated so that you can scroll for more.


Also worth noting, in relation to an earlier tip, is that this version of Android N does indeed have an app tray. An Oscars-night Google ad featuring a mocked-up version of Android had prompted some to speculate that Android 7.0 was set to ditch the app tray, iOS-style.