Now There Are Slider MP3 Players

The most fashionable mobile phone design of the moment makes the jump across devices.

Zicplay? No, I haven’t heard of them either, but in the multitudinous world of MP3 player manufacturers that isn’t surprising. What is a little more revelatory, however, is it has managed to do something different.


Of course, when I say ‘different’ I mean ‘imitation’… just from one medium to another, which is different yet imitation, right? Anyway, the SlideKey is device behind my linguistic spaghetti and what a D500/iPod love child it is.

Flash based in the usual 256MB, 512MB and 1GB capacities, the SlideKey looks to have Frankenstein-ed these two popular devices rather more successfully than could have been expected. Like the D500, the format removes the need for a key lock button and increases the potential size for the screen. The iPod lawyer enraging interface is then wisely hidden from view.

As for the rest, MP3 and WMA music formats are supported and an FM radio is squeezed into the 512MB and 1GB models. With prices starting at just £44.90 including VAT, it will give potential iPod shuffle owners something to seriously think about when it debuts in the middle of this month.

Now how about a slider video iPod with the entire front dedicated to a widescreen, high resolution display? Oh yeah, you’re feeling me.