Now Opera Is Officially ‘Mini’

Little is the new big.

A nobit like Google software, Opera Mini has been ‘in Beta’ so long we completely forgot it wasn’t a finished product. So it’s nice to know now it officially is.


Whilst not breaking Google News’ two year record beta status (if you know of any longer, mail me) Opera Mini has been flouncing about in one state of readiness or another since August. Now here it adopts a vocal and manly posture (think Tom Cruise, cos he’s opinionated and small, though also annoying) and (unlike Tom) has some impressive things to say.

Officially now known as ‘Opera Mini’, it claims to have the ability to compress web pages by up to 80 per cent and reformat them on the fly. A TM-ed technology called Small-Screen Rendering is responsible for this and Opera Software says it will lead to faster browsing and dramatically reduced bills thanks to the reduced kilobytes. A Google search box is featured on the browser’s default home page and customisable bookmark lists mean you won’t have to wrestle with predictive texting every time you visit (well, it used to exist).

Downloading via WAP is free, though a small fee is charged if you take the lazy route and grab it through SMS. PDAs and cellphones of all shapes and sizes should be able to use it since the only prerequisite is a device that supports Java. Every major language (and Swedish) is supported with more available shortly.

Now, if only Mozilla would get its arse moving for an official mobile version of Firefox then we could surround them both in a large circle and shout, “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Opera Mini