Now Creative Makes A Sexy, Portable PMP

Going full out for whatever Apple has cooked up for the nano.

IFA is still two days away but Creative looks to have busted out a player so tasty it couldn’t wait…

The ‘Creative ZEN’ – yes, just ‘ZEN’ – looks like a major step forward for the company being its first PMP to support music in the AAC format (DRM free iTunes, here it comes) while also handling MP3, WMA, WMV and DivX/XviD, the last two being particularly sweet music to our ears.

On top of the player’s new found eclecticism it also sports a Meizu Miniplayer-ish design with a 2.5in QVGA 16.7m colour screen and credit card sized footprint of 55 x 83mm and depth of 12mm. A built in FM radio and microphone are onboard too while the company has really pushed the boat out in terms of storage with the flash memory based device selling in 4GB, 8GB and (an industry first) 16GB editions.

Remarkably, taking a leaf out of SanDisk’s book, the ZEN can even expand this capacity further thanks to an SD/SDHC card slot. For the highly organised, contacts, To Do lists and calendars may be synchronised with Microsoft Outlook while battery life is cracking providing up to 25 hours of audio or five hours of video playback.

The ZEN goes on sale next month with the 4GB and 8GB editions competitively priced at £99.99 and £139.99. An RRP for the 16GBer has yet to be finalised. So ”that’s” how you make an attractive PMP in 2007 without a touchscreen…

Getting hot under the collar Apple?

ZEN Product Page

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