Nokia’s Social Network Opens Beta

MySpace and Facebook have got nothing on this.

If you can’t wait for Nokia to launch its (DRM infected) mobile download service and need a fix of mobile media then you may have your wish from that same company.

Launched in beta form, MOSH is the latest in the recent slew of social networking sites to work its way onto the web. However, unlike Facebook, MySpace and their ilk who have shoehorned mobile support in post-release, MOSH has been designed from the ground up for access on-the-go.

The premise of MOSH is to enable mobile users to upload and download video, images, games, documents and pretty much anything in fact, from and to a mobile phone. Of course if you don’t have a favourable mobile data plan (such as T-Mobiles Web ‘n’ Walk service) then Nokia recommends you download via a PC. You can add tags to your files to help users find relevant or interesting content, bookmark favourite uploaders, e-mail eye-catching links to friends and other such helpful functions.

In addition to the file-sharing pretensions of the site, there is a reasonable system for communication between members, such as commenting on uploads and so on. Whether MOSH can really pose a rival to either Facebook or MySpace on a social level, or YouTube for video sharing is unlikely, but this could well prove to be a worthy alternative.

Nokia Mosh. (Use password ALLACCESS to view site)

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