Nokia’s iPhone: We Copied Apple Says Company VP

Imitation. Flattery. Straight from the horse's (VP's?) mouth.

On the back of launching something rather original, Nokia has shown it also knows how to blatantly copy.

In a surprisingly frank interview at the company’s ‘Go Play’ event in London yesterday Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s Executive VP & GM of Multimedia, said “If there is something good in the world then we copy with pride” then showed off this…

The unnamed device is said to represent ‘Nokia’s’ (note the inverted commas) latest attempts at a touchscreen interface and the device will be a flagship product sometime in Q1 next year.

Little was given away about the functionality of the product except that it slides photos like the iPhone, has a motion sensor to switch between landscape and portrait modes ”like the iPhone” and unlike the iPhone (*shock+horror*) has integrated Flickr functionality (clearly no iPhone and YouTube influence there then).

A brief video of the handset in action can be seen here and when watching it I imagine you’ll remember that old saying about seeing and believing…

In sum then “copy with pride” is a sentiment which has gotten me thinking. On the one hand, if Nokia can come up with a 3G capable iPhone-a-like then few will complain. On the other hand the principle reminds me of university where it would be lovely if we were all able to get ahead by showing our ”recognition” of other academics’ work by copying it word for word. Sadly, I think the professors would have something to say about that…

And in the outside world substitute ‘professors’ for ‘crack team of international lawyers’.

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