Nokia Unveils Budget 3G, Five Megapixel Slider

If money is tight then you'll find this Credit Crunch-tastic.

While today’s launch of the Samsung i8910 has meant there’s a new spec leader on the market, those of you with smaller budgets will be amazed at the features Nokia has managed to squeeze into its latest budget handset.

The ‘6600i slide’ will launch in the third quarter this year and comes with a sim-free price of just $272 (a mere £175 even with our lousy exchange rate) yet it packs in hardware that would have been cutting edge only 12 months ago.

Key most in this assessment is the inclusion of not just HSDPA data connectivity but also a five megapixel autofocus camera with dual LED flash and a hidden external touchscreen which allows users to silence alarms or reject calls without opening the handset. Furthermore, both black and silver editions of the 6600i are finished in brushed metal, they will come loaded with Nokia’s Ovi Store and support for 16GB compatible microSD cards with a 1GBer bundled in the box.

The backbone of the 6600i is a Series 40 OS, which means it should be solid as a rock. So, while everyone crows about impending high end handsets like the aforementioned i8910, Palm Pre or whatever Apple has cooked up for the next generation iPhone, this could well prove one of the smartest buys you could make.

Nokia 6600i Announcement