Nokia Sun Coming Next Month

It seems as if Nokia is planning on releasing more than one Windows

Phone 7 handset when they finally see the light of day later this month, with the Nokia Sun the

latest handset rumoured to be joining the WP7 party.

According to an up-coming release list from Orange

France, nabbed by French website Mon Windows Phone, the Nokia Sun is set to be released

in the second week of November and will be a more budget-friendly handset of

Nokia’s line-up.

We saw last week that the Nokia Searay and Nokia Sabre will be among the launch handsets for the nascent Nokia

and Microsoft partnership, and it looks as if Nokia is not settling for just a

couple of new handsets.

Nokia Sun

The Nokia Sun is set to have a 3.7in screen with a 1.4GHz

processor and 16GB of storage via a microSD card. It will also have an 8

megapixel camera and features a micro-SIM card slot we’ve come to know from the

iPhone 4. It will of course run the Windows Phone Mango (7.5) OS.

With the details surrounding Nokia’s WP7 handset line-up

still shrouded in mystery, what we could of course be talking about here is

either the Searay or the Sabre, just with a different name. But we would hope that Nokia will be bringing

an array of hardware for customers to choose from when they do launch in a

couple of weeks.

We will know all once Nokia World kicks off on 26 October

and we’ll be bringing you all the details as they happen.