Nokia Plans 20,000 Strong Ovi Store At Launch

Goes after Apple - but there's a lot of ground to make up...

Nokia is looking to make up for (a lot of) lost time…

Following its announcement in at the Mobile World Congress in February, the Finnish giant has confirmed the Ovi Store will open its virtual doors to users in May with a massive 20,000 titles from launch.

Now caution all, while I have seen some reports rather losing their heads at this number the key word in the last paragraph was ‘titles’. These are not all apps. In fact, the vast majority will be multimedia content with promotional clips galore including photos, audio and video. Consequently, while the number of apps is likely to be greater than initially seen from either Apple or RIM – and far more than greeted the flat launch of Android Market – users won’t be swamped with more fart and torch apps than they can possibly wade through.

The first handset to ship with Ovi will be the much anticipated N97 (though I found it a little sluggish and underwhelming – at least in beta).Following this Ovi will be made available to all S40 and S60 handsets from June.

June, June, June – a month set to bring us the Palm Pre, whatever Apple has up its sleeve for WWDC 2009 and now Ovi. Best cancel those holiday plans!

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