Nokia N9 Launching 23 September

Smartphones come

and go and while briefly interesting at first, most tend to blend into the

crowd once announced. Not so the Nokia N9.


one-and-only MeeGo powered phone is a phone which continues to interest us and

now we have been given a launch date, we’re even more eager to get our hands on

the handset.

On Nokia’s

Swedish website a countdown timer has appeared above a picture of the N9 with

the tag line: “All it takes is a swipe.” The countdown timer is at 49 days at the

moment, pointing to a launch date of 23 September at 10am. However a

corresponding countdown timer doesn’t exist on the .com version of the Nokia

site, which could mean that the N9 will only launch in Sweden on that date.

Nokia N9 countdown timer

As we reported already, it seems as if the N9 will only be available in a limited

number of countries – 23 to be exact. And major markets like the

France, Spain, Italy and Germany have not been included in this list.

With very positive early response to the N9 handset from

those who managed to get their hands on one, it would be a shame if only a few

people got to use this intriguing handset.

With Nokia putting all its weight behind its

first Windows Phone handset, we fear that the N9 could go the way of the Dodo very

quickly and we may never get our hands on the MeeGo device.

Source: Nokia Sweden