Nokia In Stylish 3G Clamshell Shocker

You didn't think the Finns could do it, I didn't think the Finns could do it...

After its recent battery troubles (can 46m replacements really be described as ‘troubles’?) Nokia could do with a boost and its latest cheerful midranger could prove just that.

The ‘6555’ is one of those rare things: a stylish Nokia clamshell and while it has certainly taken a fairly significant influence from Motorola to do it, it’s welcomed all the same.

The screen is also doing its bit to impress too, considering this is no flagship high ender, with a bright QVGA display capable of showing 16m colours. As for the camera Nokia (perhaps worryingly) hasn’t disclosed the megapixel rating – we’d hope for 2MP – but did boast that it features a 6x digital zoom, which to be fair isn’t really anything to boast about.

In fact, when it comes to size, weight, video/audio functionality and even connectivity the Finns also kept shtum but it doesn’t look to be a pocket bulger by any means and I’d be surprised if basic MP3 playback and Bluetooth (though not A2DP) didn’t made it onboard. Internal memory is just 30MB but the defacto microSD slot provides significant room for expansion.

So the 6555 may be no market leader but it’s from Nokia and it’s ”stylish” – what more do you want?!

Catch the 6555 from September and while it is not likely to cost you a penny on most monthly contracts it also retails for an extremely reasonably 200 euros SIM free.

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