Nokia E75 Official Snaps & Specs Leak

At this rate we aren't going to need a Mobile World Congress...

So Expansys is back to its old tricks again…

This time the ‘pro-active’ online retailer has blurted out details of the highly anticipated Nokia E75 – a handset we first got wind of in mid September but have heard diddly squat from ever since.

Is it worth the wait? Well, yes and no depending on your priorities.

The good stuff: 3.6Mbit HSDPA, aGPS with integrated Nokia Maps, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, FM tuner, a microSDHC expansion slot and a neat dual home screen designed to be setup for work and personal profiles. On top of this there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack (everyone seems to have the message now), while the design is also undeniably swish and features a full sliding Qwerty keyboard.

The bad stuff: a rather squitty screen at just 2.4 inches and featuring an oh-so-2007 QVGA resolution doesn’t really make this an ideal smartphone. The QVGA 30fps video recording is also fairly hum drum (unless you’re an iPhone owner, in which case it’s a lusted after fantasy extra) and a meh-ish 3.2MP camera (again ditto for my fellow iPhone owners).

Personally speaking, the screen size would be a deal breaker for me but otherwise this is an extremely competent sounding handset and even the £389.99 sim free price is nowhere near as extortionate as you find with many a smartphone. Expansys claims the Nokia E75 will ship on 13 March and will also be available from free on T-Mobile, a few weeks late it has to be said given the Mobile World Congress is revealing its darkest secrets next week…

via Expansys

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